Founded in 2001, the true roots of Foraged and Found Edibles started long before. At an early age Jeremy Faber began exploring the woods and fell in love with the wilderness. He pursued a degree in forestry, but during his first year of studies he decided to cultivate another love first, that of cooking. After completing his A.O.S. degree in culinary arts from the Culinary Institute of America, he moved to Seattle to be closer to the woods that he still yearned to be part of. While cooking at a number of different restaurants, he began harvesting wild foods and including them on his menus. His desire to use as many local wild products as he could find grew, as did the knowledge to find them. It was after a particularly prolific morel mushroom year spent in the Washington Cascades that he finally decided on a career as a full-time forager. With the help of Christina Choi, a fellow chef, the business grew until Foraged and Found Edibles was supplying a multitude of wild foods for numerous Seattle farmers markets, local restaurants, and other restaurants around the country.

Our passion for wild foods is what inspires us to supply the best of nature’s bounty, from mushrooms to wild greens. We believe in the culinary and medicinal benefits of everything we offer. Our products are harvested throughout the Pacific Northwest, from northern California to southern British Columbia, from the Pacific Ocean to the continental divide. Keeping our focus on local Pacific Northwest products ensures consistency and quality, as well as reducing the time it takes from forest to customer. Our goal is not to be first with our products each season, but to wait for the right time to harvest so we can bring the best and freshest to market. As former chefs, we offer both our restaurant and market customer’s unique experience in the harvesting and cooking of each ingredient.