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Golden Chanterelle
Early August through early December
The most plentiful of all Pacific Northwest mushrooms. Found throughout our Douglas fir forests it has a nice apricot scent and distinctive yellow color.

White Chanterelle
Early August through late October
This chanterelle is much larger and firmer than its golden cousins. Its white flesh is the only telltale difference in taste.

Lobster Mushroom
Late July through late October
The lobster mushroom actually refers to a bright orange-red mold which attacks a host mushroom. It often grows quite large with a firm texture, white interior and a nutty rich flavor.

Early September through mid November
Also known as a Pine Mushroom, it is found near all of the Pacific Northwest volcanoes. It has a distinct cinnamon flavor and aroma, and is sold in varying grades. The most prized Matsutake is completely closed gilled and then graded down to those which are fully opened.

Fried Chicken Mushroom
Early September through late October
This clustering gilled mushroom prefers disturbed areas of our forests. It has small brown caps, a long white stem and a mild flavor.

Cauliflower Mushroom
Early September through late October
One of the larger edible mushrooms often growing to twenty pounds. It has a ruffled cream flesh and a very distinct floral aroma.

Fall King Bolete
Early September through early November
There are two distinct types of “porcini” harvested each fall. The first from the Cascades, are firmer and have a more pronounced flavor. Emerging later in the fall, the Coastal Boletes are softer, have a lighter colored cap and are milder in flavor.

Delicious Milk Cap
Early October through early November
Also known as a Saffron Milky Cap due to its reddish-orange color, which changes to green once picked. We harvest small young mushrooms before their cap flutes open.

Early October through early November
A beautiful mushroom composed of clusters of white icicle-like flesh which grows on decaying fir logs. Often quite large, it has a delicate mild flavor and interesting texture.

Honey Mushroom
Mid September through early October
This yellowish-brown gilled mushroom, which grows in clusters at the base of Douglas fir trees, has a mild pleasing flavor.

Hawks Wing
Mid September through late October
Found in the higher Cascade meadows, this brown mushroom has a scaly top and teeth under its cap. Also called a Chocolate Hedgehog, its rich flavor hints at nutmeg and black pepper.

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